Vintage Fashion Friday: Summer Frocks

I live in the Southern U.S.A.

It is HOT…most of the year, however I will say, this year has been unseasonable cool. This morning was under 60, so of course I wrapped myself in a blanket.

Well as the work continues to turn the seasons will change. Now is the time that so many people are getting ready for fall/winter knitting and crochet. Who wants to knit a sweater in the chilly weather when you can have a FINISHED sample to wear now!

This past week I released two patterns, a knit tank and a crochet wrap. Both have been selling really well for August and so I wanted to give them a little more space on the blog with a post about my vintage inspiration and a little about the styling!

First up we have the Diamond Lace Vest (You can get the pattern here y’all!):

This little number was actually a design mistake. Yes! Aren’t all great trends in fashion started with mistakes however? Okay…probably not but thats how I like to think about it. This vest was actually going to be a crochet sweater for a man. I had this cool vision of a lace body with textured sleeves and then when I put it on the model…I was a little less than enthused. However the always clever H asked, “Oooh…thats a great vest!”

Not wanting to argue with genius I agreed and that weekend we shot it on the model!

Here is a larger photo for y’all:

Diamond Lace Vest

Isn’t that just the bee’s knees? I love the photography as well…H hit is right on the head. Don’t forget he is available for hire! More info can be found here.

The vest is worked in one large piece from the bottom up. The armholes are sized to fit a wide range of sizes and can be customized to work with an even larger range of sizes. The length can be shortened or lengthened by pattern repeats and the finishing…well its crazy simple.

As for styling…I could really see this a lot of different ways. Dressed up as I have shown it, dressed down with a pair of shorts. Heck you could even throw it over your bathing suit for a day at the beach. It’ll keep you warm but not too warm! How about crocheting it up in a cotton or linen…then you would have a great summer piece for years to come!

You can get the pattern here for $6.00 U.S. and remember $3.00 of each sale is donated to Hand of Hope, and international outreach program.

Next we have the Perfect Summer Tank (you can get the pattern here!):

I love quick to knit projects and you can’t get much quicker then a day for a garment. This is the Perfect Summer Tank!

The Perfect Summer Tank is really the perfect tank for that first week of August, that week in which the sun seems to hang above the world in a constant state of forbearance, where the horizon is muddled with the waves of heat and humidity. A vintage look with a modern fit, this tank is worked from bottom up for stability but could easily be adapted for seamless construction. The Stockinette Stitch and Reverse Stockinette Stitch stripes are added to break up the monotony of endless Stockinette.


I really love the shape and look of this tank. Worked from the bottom up in a trapezoid it is eternally flattering on many types of women. As you know most vintage sweaters are knit in a trapezoidal or rectangular fashion to allow the sweater to do all the work accentuating a women’s natural assets. I love how the stripes are just wide enough but not too wide and the rolled unfinished neckline doesn’t even look unfinished! Did I mention you can totally personalize it with a bit of duplicate stitch?! Isn’t that cool!

Again for styling this could work a lot of ways. I think changing the color will do a lot to take this garment from one look to another. In one neutral tone it would scream elegance and in the bold colors I have chosen it really stands out! What colors would you choose? I would love to hear what y’all think!

Again, keep in mind that, $2.50 of each pattern sale will be donated to Joyce Meyer Ministries, an organization supporting programs around the country benefiting Inner City Missions.

Well there you have it…two great summer frocks that I am sure y’all will love. Both with a touch of vintage and a dash of modern. I really hope you like them both. I have a few more designs coming out real soon! Yay! This summer has just FLOWN by. I cannot believe that August is nearly over. Ahh well…that just means that we will have to get our fall and winter knitting stuff together!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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