I always like to start out the week with a new pattern. I feel like it sets the tone for all the great knitting that can take place! So this week I present, Josephine.


(Model is the great Cortney Rice and photo credit goes to the ever amazing Harrison Stone. Pattern: Josephine. For those that just can’ wait…go ahead and buy now for US $7.)

Josephine began simply as a way for me to pay homage to the great Josephine Baker. An American woman who became one of the greatest entertainer that France ever saw. I wanted something that could be work in summer, winter, on the way home from the beach, or while in those cool over air conditioned offices.

000_1179 000_1168

I wanted a mix of vintage style and modern comfort. Something reminiscent of Josephine’s bright and bold personality. I thought about a light and lofty lace with garter stitch trim, played around with Lion Brand LB Collection Organic Wool, and Josephine was born.

Here is some great info on the fashion and styling of it all:

  • The fabric is exceptional. Lion Brand’s Organic Wool creates a fabric unlike any other. Soft, fluid, light, lofty, and a touch of warmth, while maintaining stability. This cardigan goes perfectly with a high waisted pencil skirt and dress shirt for a tailored look or jeans and a tank top for those days on the boat.
  • This is an extremely simple minimum-fuss cardigan that is extremely beautiful. The detailing is exquisite and streamlines. Perfect to showcase your favorite yarn while showcasing it in a chevron-ish stitch.
  • Work this cardigan in one color, three colors, or use up all your scraps! Josephine should be yours. Go with a nice touch of the military and use green. Go with the colors I chose for a pop of awesome. Or go with a little something conservative and use a simple grey.

000_1176 000_1178

I chose to style Josephine in an interesting way. In a “this is how we do things in the south” way. A very beautiful fitted pencil skirt paired with a loose fitting tank top. Nothing special but when you live in such warm climates (and are used to wearing sweaters in 70 degree weather) you have to know how to style your wardrobe so you do not stifle your breathe.

I hope you love this sweater, and can imagine ways it will fit into your wardrobe. If you are willing to I would LOVE to see how you style your Josephine. How will you make it a wardrobe staple? How will you wear it this summer/fall?

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