It’s time for Sockapalooza!!


Okay, it is probably not that big of a deal that it needs to register on your personal richter scale of excitement but here at RSHQ, it is a pretty big deal.

You all know my love for crochet socks. I mean…I love ’em and I just can’t stop designing them. Which is cool because y’all seem to love them as much as I do!

Whether toe up, cuff down, side to side, or some other which way…socks rock. So, this week I am offering a huge deal. SEVEN…yup…SEVEN sock patterns for just ten dollars.


I know…I know…but here’s why. I want everyone to make crochet socks. Knitters, crocheters, looters, whatever you are…try crochet socks. They are astonishingly easy to make, super comfortable, and quick!

Follow this link here to grab the entire collection. One pattern has been released and the other four will follow this week. The schedule is posted on this page. Each day the ebook/collection will be updated.

Next week two bonus sock patterns will be released and added to those of you who have purchased the collection already! Then the price will be raised to $25 for all seven patterns! Get a move on! Purchase yours today before it is too late!