Tehquamenon – A Pi Shawl


I love Pi shawls. They just make for easy designing and fun construction. I tend to think of them as a bank canvas kind of shawl in which you can explore your own creativity with color and stitch and…well whatever else you want!

Tehquamenon was one of those shawls that came together because of boredom and yarn. The end result is a gorgeous summer shawl made in a cotton/silk yarn, that you can wear all year long. I live in the humid south and my model quickly claimed the shawl as her own!

This shawl is worked from the top down (a fancy way of saying you start with a few stitches and work to a larger number) in two colors. There are only a few increase rounds to work and a bit of plain double crochet. It doesn’t get boring however…because you change colors every right side row!


The color changes can be completed any way you want, however I prefer carrying the yarn up the side of the shawl. When finishing the shawl you work a border around the top, so all the ends are worked in anyway! That means you’ll only have two ends to weave in…the one you started with and the one you end with.

Tehquamenon is worked flat (back and forth in rows) until the end. That’s when you begin to work in the round, which makes sure the beautiful scalloped border is able to shine.


I love this shawl and I think you will too. It was tested over and over by my faithful team and every single one of them came back with rave reviews…some even completing two or more in a week! Which makes me think this would be a great last minute gift!

The pattern is on sale right now for just $3.50 but that only lasts until 9:00a.m. EST on Thursday July 30th. After that the price will go up to $5.50. Each purchase includes a four page PDF with thorough instructions, tips on sizing, info on making the shawl larger, lots of photos, and a step by step instruction on working Reverse Single Crochet!

Pick up a copy here and lets get hooking!