One of Those Weeks

Let me tell you something, this week, like so many others, has been just insane. I cannot believe the amount of work I have been getting lately, and it is refreshingly exhausting. Oxymoron? Yes. True? Yes.

So, blogging, naturally has fallen behind a bit and I hate that! I have thousands of you that depend (read: glance at) my posts, so I feel so bad when I don’t get a post out at least once or twice a week.

With that, I have some new and awesome stuff to send your way! Yes! I have been working, albeit mostly in secret! I have two new patterns out this week one with a company I just adore, Harrisville Designs and another with another company I adore, Rohn Strong Vintage!

First up is a spring skirt out of this amazing silk/wool blend from Harrisville Designs. Yes, you can wear wool in the spring and summer. Just make sure you have a little bit of silk, cotton, or heck soy in there to really offset the warming properties of the wool. You see, wool is such an amazing fiber. It keeps us warm when we are cold and wicks away moisture (perfect for those humid climates of the south!) not to mention is super comfy to wear! This silk/wool blend from Harrisville has a unique drape and an ability to lend it self to just about every design (you can see all of them here)!

(C) Caro Sheridan

When I designed Lucern, I had only ever made one skirt before and to be honest I was a bit scared! I let my imagination and skilled hands do what they needed to do and I am beyond happy with the look. Lucerne is worked from the top down, in the round, with three large cable panels and three gusset-like panels. It is sized for a wide variety of women, with waist sizes varying as follows: 26 (28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52)”. The length is customizable so make it as long or as short as you would like. My favorite piece of the skirt however is the trim. A simple, yet stunning, crochet border really sets the piece apart from the rest.

(C) Caro Sheridan

The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry here and you can get all the yarn you need here!


This week I also had the pleasure of designing, knitting, and publishing a new vintage-ish hat pattern. Yup. I finally self publishing after a few months of nothingness! I am so happy! This is Amarel:



The hat is worked from the bottom up on size 10 needles and a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn. I used Onthround hand dyed merino. It is a scrumptious scrumptious lovely soft cuddly yarn that I cannot recommend enough! It only takes a few hours, one skein, and then you have a new hat! The hat can be worn in a more traditional beanie style or nice and floppy like a slouchy! BTW this is perfect for the beginner! :-) I even use it in my learn to knit classes! ;-)



Well, there you go, a few of what I have been up too! I hope you like everything! Remember to go and support us designers! We need it! :-D