So much Heart and Sole!

This week I am participating in a new round of the Design Wars Challenge. A great group of people that get together and design and have a friendly competition.


This time we used a yarn from Red Heart that’s been around for about as long as they have. Heart and Sole is a hard wearing sock yarn with Aloe that comes in a wide array of self striping colors and also a solid cream.

If you know me…you know I hate variegated or self striping yarns when that project doesn’t actually stripe. Ugh. Nobody wants that much ugly on their hook. So, naturally, I gravitated toward the cream color.


I love this yarn for its price point and yardage. My shawl takes just one skein of the yarn and a few hours to complete. Meaning, for less than $10 I can make a handful of these for gifts or charity. Not a bad way to spend the weekend.

Anyways, take a moment to vote for the your favorite pattern in the challenge here!

Check back next week for the inspiration behind this shawl and some tips and tricks to working this simple and stunning lace stitch!