Plying All the Things…

One of my favorite parts of the spinning process is finishing. I love to finish yarns. The feeling that all of my work has paid off…I just adore that feeling of satisfaction. I get a lot of questions about how I ply and my favorite way to ply. The truth is, I don’t do anything fancy. But I will go ahead and share with you my process for finishing small amounts of singles with the help of Sweet Georgia and some of their gorgeous Polwarth Silk in the colorway Honey Fig. Lets get started!

First…lets start at the end…this is the yarn I eventually ended up with (its been washed and thwacked and all that goodness):


So this is how I got from fluff to fiber…

1. I spun my singles at about a fingering weight  so that my finished yarn would be somewhere between a light worsted and Dk because polwarth does have quite a bit of plump to it.


2. After spinning my singles I wound both of my cops into center pull balls. Then I let them rest for at least 24 hours. This is extremely important, in my opinion, spinning right after you’ve filled that cop is a bad idea and can really ruin the whole process of plying. So, I like to let it rest.


3. Once the resting period has taken place I wind both center pull balls into what I like to call a ‘Plying Ball’ essentially a ball that is wound with two singles into a nice tight ball. That way plying goes super quickly and makes my life easier. Remember I am a product spinner not process, the process is never as important as the yarn!


4. I grab my favorite plying spindle and get to work – in this case it is a Louet Bottom Whorl spindle. PERFECT for spindle plying. I cannot recommend this spindle enough.


5. Marvel at your work and get to knitting/crocheting/weaving…what have you!