Some Fine Lace Knittin’

Y’all know I am not the most apt lace knitter in the world. In face if you were to take a look at my ravelry page you’d see there are about 3 lace designs. Most of them simple lace at that.

Why is this? Well, I hate knitting lace. Sorry…let me correct that. I used to hate knitting lace.

Heather Zoppetti, designer and friend, recently published a book, Everyday Lace, I think every knitter should own. It is an exploration into knitting that reminded me of Donna Druchunas book, Successful Lace Knitting. It took the fear right out of the equation and replaced it with a confident attitude.

I think what I loved most about this book was the tone it was written in. Heather doesn’t just throw patterns at you and tell you to get at it and she doesn’t hold your hand and make you take baby steps. No. Her skills as a teacher and lace knitter shine through. I felt like she was there knitting with me. Guiding me on my journey. My personal lace knitting Yoda.

The patterns in this book are equally fantastic. Split into three sections, in a road map of sorts. You beg here and by the end you are able to do this – that kind of thing. I LOVE that in knitting/crochet books and strive to do that in my own design work.

I could go on and on about this book. However before I fool you into thinking I was paid for this review (I wasn’t BTW…I just love it that much) let me touch on the photography last. The photographer, Joe Hancock, did an AMAZING job. Every shot makes you fall in love with the pattern, the yarn, and you strive to be there. In that place. Wearing those socks. With that smile on your face.


What are my favorite designs? Well, I happen to adore the socks. Although I am not a HUGE sock knitting this makes me want to change that. The sock yarn and lace patterns come together and just give you that bit of beauty your feet desire.

Milway Socks

Joe Hancock

Swatara Socks

Joe Hancock


This book really is simply fantastic. Everyday Lace by Heather Zoppetti may just be my favorite knitting book of 2014!

You can pick up a copy for yourself here.

AND theres a giveaway!

Heather is doing something really cool. A scavenger hunt! Simply answer these questions (along with the other blog tour participant questions) and you’ll be entered into winning a huge prize pack at the end of the tour! What are the questions? Well one is about Heather’s book and the other about me!

1. Which pattern from Everyday Lace is available as a free download and was featured on Knitting Daily TV?

2. Which Jazz vocalist is Rohn’s most popular knit garment named after?