A Bit of Knitting

This week I began a present for myself. Some Christmas socks. I adore these socks so much, I can’t begin to share my love of their sparkly prettiness.

I wanted something to work on while riding in the car, waiting for those cookies to bake, or while the family opens their presents. It also doesn’t hurt to have something to keep my mind a bit eased during the stress that inevitable occurs. (An 18 year old visiting for Christmas…fun!)

The cast on about killed me. Never has being 6’5″ and wearing a size 14 shoe ever felt so real. A cast on of 86 stitches really makes you want to bind your feet in the most barbaric of ways.

The cuff usually measures 2in. on a good day and 1.5in. on a bad day. If you’re a knitter you know what I mean. Sometimes you have to convince yourself that a short rib is, in fact, better for fit. Right? Right.

Then a 5.5in. leg leads to an afterthought heel which then gives way to the true marathon knitting…11.5in. of foot.


A foot of foot knitting.

A foot.

Let that sink in. When was the last time you knit anything that was a foot long?

The realization that I am essentially knitting a sweater has never been so real.

But, what the hell, I deserve it.